"Cleanliness is not a discipline - it's an expression of love and regard to the ones closest to us - spread love not germs!"


Casey Chavez
Founder and CEO


Consciously Crafted
Our goal is to make the world a safer and healthier place, not only for ourselves but for those around us. By combining textiles with technology, not only do Lutava products help keep us and our community safe and protected, but we also aim to help the environment with products that require fewer washes in between uses.

Based out of Southern California
Drawing inspiration from the vibrant wellness culture of Southern California, our creations are designed for you to enjoy wherever your fitness journey takes you, ensuring you can break a sweat with confidence and style anywhere.


At Lutava, we stand steadfast in our devotion to enhancing your daily fitness and self-care rituals with the utmost regard for hygiene. Your confidence in movement through yoga, spin, or bootcamp sessions, deserves to be safeguarded. Thus, we pledge to meticulously manage the minute microbial matters, ensuring that your journey, both on and off the mat, is enveloped by our pioneering designs and FITSHIELD™ technology.

Move with assurance; we have covered, literally.

Women Owned Business
Designed in California
About The Founder & CEO


Casey is a lifelong entrepreneur who has been featured in Success Magazine for cracking the code of network marketing; she has also walked away from profitable businesses that were bad for her mental health. The consistent thread in her journey has always been wellness as a tool for self-care and helping others. With the rise of high-traffic boutique fitness studios (that often don’t provide showers), Casey discovered the need for hygienic barriers to protect people and their possessions. Casey is passionate about giving peace of mind to everyone who cares about fitness and wellness. She lives in California with Nick (Co-founder), and their dogs Pablo and Carl.