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Before Lutava I used a trash bag and old towel stored in my back seat to sit on! My car was a breeding ground for bacteria.


I never realized how unhygienic I was before Lutava, now I know Lutava has me covered!


Holy GuacamEasy on and easy off. Lutava takes the stress out of questionable equipment so I can focus on my workout.ole!!! Enough said.

Alexa B.

We love our Lutava seat cover. One of the most convenient and practical tools for the sweaty fitness community.

Sofia B.

I could be dripping in sweat and not have to worry about sitting on my seat and having that permanent sweat smell in my car.

Sofia B.

Definitely worth every dollar and would highly recommend to all my friends and family.

Sofia b.

Before my Drive seat cover, I had a wet seat every morning from hot yoga. Then I sat on a wet seat on the way to work. I no longer need to lean forward the entire ride home, I love it!

Kara M.

My husband is the sweatiest person I know. After we go to boxing I don't worry about getting his dirt and sweat all over my leather seats. Thank you Lutava!

Evan C.

With the recent hygienic concerns I can ride assured knowing Lutava is protecting me and my ride on the saddle.

Stacy G.

I love how easy my car seat cover is to store in my glove box. It's always there when I need it. I used to have a white ring of sweat embedded in my suede seats from sitting wet on the ride home.

Amanda T.

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