Pilates Reformer Skyn


  • Lutava's "stay fresh' antimicrobial technology keeps you and your gear fresh and odor free during your work out.
  • The Reformer SKYN is innovately designed to universally fit most reformers.
  • The silicon non slip backing and straps keep it fit and comfortable.
  • Lutava's silver active ingredient and textiles are Oeko-tex® and bluesign® certified.

Customer reviews
"The fabric is butter soft!"
— Ricarda L.
"Doesn't move! Really helps to stay stable on the reformer and not slip."
— Isabelle K.

Sweat is good, Germs are not.

Keeps You Safe

eliminates exposure of harmful germs and inhibits cross-contaimination from people & surfaces.

designed for performance

Inhibits odor, quick drying, waterproof with the feel and stretch of premium activewear

Protects Your Gear

prolongs the integrity of your textiles


How do Lutava products last so long?

Microbes and bacteria can shorten the useful life of textile products, leading to premature and sometimes costly replacement purchases. Lutavas products inhibit the growth of microbes which often degrade fabric and elasticity integrity and cause staining.

How should I clean my Lutava product?

All Lutava products are machine washable more than 100 times without losing their antimicrobial properties. Use any household detergent and spot treatment, washing with like-colors and hang to dry.

How often should I wash my Lutava product?

You can wash your Lutava gear as needed, we recommend after every 10 workouts or so.